Our Story

The foundation of our business was laid in 1990, years before the Web and the dot-com boom. Early days were spent working with companies to computerize and support accounting systems and installing early local area networks. The 90’s was a decade of rapid change in information technology, Internet, email and the Web all became critical services businesses need to adopt in order to grow and thrive. The turn of the century brought smartphones, social media, and the “cloud” adding more complexity to the equation. Throughout it all, support was provided, lasting business relationships developed, lessons were learned, and knowledge was gained. It is from these deep roots, and with the support of long-term customers, that Cairitech was founded in 2016.

Cairitech has a simple mission, to provide honest, reliable support services with a commitment to putting quality of service and the development of lasting business relationships before all else. To deliver on our commitment, we utilize industry leading tools and the best practice methods found in large business in our service delivery. We listen to our customers and have the ability to provide customized, flexible solutions, while maintaining consistent standards to ensure reliable, secure, high-quality and affordable services to our small, medium business clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

​We understand that not every support provider will be a fit for you or your company.  While computers may be similar, every business has unique needs, values and culture.  Any qualified technician can fix a broken hardware, but providing reliable, transparent and consistent support requires the ability to fully understand your business. If you value face-to-face partnerships, straight answers without technobabble and long-term relationships, give us a call.

Are You The Right Fit for Us?

  • You are a business owner that counts on technology for success.
  • You want to eliminate support headaches and focus on your business.
  • Privacy, information security and business continuity are important to you.
  • You see the value in a proactive vs. reactive support approach.
  • Vendor transparency, face to face relationships and trust are critical.
  • You need a technology partner that will take the time to understand your needs.

Are We the Right Fit for You?

  • Our focus is on providing exceptional support to businesses in our community.
  • Transparency, trust and long-term relationships are important to us.
  • We understand the business impact and frustration technology issues create.
  • We believe high-quality, effective support is achievable for businesses of any size.
  • We apply industry leading tools, best-practice standards and keep things simple.